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Fanello - Sounding imaginary journeys for children and young at heart adults (e-book, PDF)

(E-Book-PDF), 30 fantasy journeys

Autor: Emily Hess Erscheinungsjahr: 2023 - new edition ISBN: 978-3-938263-38-9 Artikelnummer: 978-3-938263-38-9
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With the sounding fantasy and sound journeys, we extend an invitation to pause and enter into the inner reality through images and impulses.

The 30 fantasy journeys in this book enable relaxation and thus a healthy way of dealing with stress. They facilitate letting go of habitual thought patterns, which opens up new possibilities for productive-creative thinking, and they have a mind-expanding effect. By perceiving the world with other, otherwise less used abilities of the brain, creativity as well as associative and pictorial thinking are also promoted, which is of enormous importance especially for learning and problem solving.

Language, speech sounds and of course the specific use of the sounds of singing bowls and gongs guide the fantasy journey and deepen its effect.

Emily Hess (born 1957)
developed together with Peter Hess the Peter Hess® sound pedagogy and the further education system KliK® - Sounding Communication with Children as well as the Emily Hess®-Klangyoga. She lives with her husband Peter Hess on the beautiful Greek island of Ikaria. Here she writes her books, develops new seminar concepts and comes to rest to share her knowledge with strength and joy in seminars in Germany, Ikaria and many other countries.

To the author page: www.emily-hess.eu

Publisher Peter Hess, first English edition, 2023
e-Book (PDF)
203 pages, with numerous photos and pictures to the fantasy journeys